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The BOLD integrates Townsend’s roll-and-glide hinge motion. Tracking with the arthrokenimatic motion of the knee provides continuous brace-to-leg contact throughout range of motion, enhancing control and functional mobility.



BOA (Back Orthotic Appliance) spinal braces are designed to provide support for a broad range of spinal indications; from acute low back pain relief to post-operative support/stabilization. Each of the five BOA braces distributed by Townsend share common design features.


Tool Free Rebel Reliever

Townsend Design has developed a new tool free version of the Rebel Reliever that will allow you, and or your patient, to easily make adjustments to the patented dual LoadShifter Mechanism. The new SnapLock Adjustment Mechanism allows the ability to make corrective force adjustments without the use of an Allen wrench.


Night Splint

The Townsend Night Splint is a comfortable and simple device to help address continuous stretching protocols. The splint features an open-cell foam material and lightweight shell configuration to enhance the time and frequency for effective treatment.